December 3, 2011
Grasshopper Pal

I’ve got two of my classes writing pen pal letters to students at my old high school in Charlottesville. It’s very exciting to see these letters develop into something wonderful. That and I feel like I’m getting to know my students at a somewhat more personal level. One of my students mentioned in their letter that they love the rainy season because they can hear the frogs sing at night, and they hope their American pen pal can join them one day in Indonesia, so they can listen to the frogs harmonize at night, together. Beautiful. 

Also wonderful is this: 

"Dawar also has traditional foods, such as ‘walang goreng’ (crispy grasshopper) and ‘kripik kaspe’ (cassava chips). Have you ever tried these? Here is how you make:

  1. Clean the grasshopper
  2. Prepare the seasoning, mix salt, garlic, and pepper
  3. Fry the grasshopper for 15 minutes
  4. Add the seasoning, and ‘walang goreng’ is ready to eat!

Not that eating fried grasshoppers is THAT strange, but I think the pen pal will get a good laugh. Not gunna lie… ‘walang goreng’ does make me salivate… just a little bit.